Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother to many on Mother's Day

Mother's Day was wonderful, the highlight being our call from Steven. He is doing great and, believe it or not, will be coming home mid-July after having had wonderful opportunities and developing beautifully in his service and leadership.

We celebrate Mother's Day at Crepes and Waffles, our favorite Quito restaurant
Andrea and I get a mom/daughter pic.  I LOVE being a mom - especially to her!

It was fun to listen to the primary children sing a special Mother's Day song in Relief Society.  They are such beautiful children.

I have blood shot eyes as I contemplate my many blessings, including a delicious meal prepared by Brian and Andrea.  They gave me my favorite Crepes and Waffles ice cream for dessert!

The picture and sound quality wasn't too great, but it was clear from our conversation that Steven has really grown and matured.  We're so proud of him!
We loved talking to Steven who is on his mission in Chile Santiago Norte, and I nearly  melted as he shared his love for me and gratitude that we adopted him.  He expressed sincere regret for any heartache he caused and said that he always wanted to stay close to us.  He expressed so much love and gratitude that I was a weeping mess by the time we said goodbye.

We also spoke with Matt and Brittany and learned that they are doing great in sales.

I received many sweet calls and messages from our missionaries.  I love that they see me as a Mom to them.  That is a gift.  Prior to the mission, I never understood my patriarchal blessing's line, "I will be a mother who will be looked to for the organizations of the Church."  Now I do.  The following are a few of those special notes.

  Hna Palau
Gracias madre saludes
A pte los amo


Elder Macalopu
Muchas gracias a usted de veras por toda la paciencia que me tuvo y el amor que me demostró. y yo estoy muy bien ahora estoy sirviendo en la estaca como secretario de tecnología y espero seguir sirviendo al Señor donde me necesite

about an hour ago
 Elder Meriles
Happy Mother's Day sister Richardson! Thanks for being a second mom to me out there. You're an amazing person and you and President really changed my life. Just so you know I'm still active in the church and the gospel, and striving each day to be a better disciple. So pretty much, you guys did a good job here..thanks for that have an amazing day and Saludos to presidente Richardson

Elder Delgado:
Hermana feliz día usted es una excelente madre espero que haya pasado un excelente día con presidente richardson y su hija , y tbiem con su hijo en la misión , gracias por todo usted es bien graciosa .cuando vi a presidente y a usted .pude entender mejor la escritura que el presidente dio en unas de las capacitaciones " la luz se allega a la luz " el sólo. Verlos y poder ver la luz que tienen me motivo para ser mejor .feliz día madre ! Su hijo peruano que no es gringo elder delgado !

Hermana Landero:  Happy mothers day hna .you are a great example to all .thanks for being my mom for 18 months .i admire you,and would like to be like you. Love you.blessings

Johana Oropeza Sotelo
Feiz Dia Mama Sue Richardson gracias por el inmenso amor a cada uno de los misioneros en regla y misioneros retornados , no tengo palabras para expresar todo lo que siento por ud y la influencia que ha tenido en mi vida . Gracias por ser como una Madre para todos los que hemos servido en la mejor Mision del mundo Mision Ecuador Quito Norte .... La amo y que hoy pueda ser muy especial para ud

Amilcar Antonio Ramos
Feliz dia de las Madres, gracias por todo lo que hizo por cada uno de los misioneros incluyendome, es una gran modelo a seguir gracias por siempre ayudarnos a alcanzar nuestro potencial y hacernos ver cual es nuestro valor.
Sin ninguna duda Sera recompensada por ser una madre ejemplar!
le amo mucho y gracias por todo!

I went to sleep that night feeling enveloped in love by Brian, my children, and many more dear "hijos."

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