Sunday, January 12, 2014

Matt gets engaged to Brittany Smith on New Years Eve in Quito

We couldn’t have asked for a bigger bang than we had on New Year’s Eve…literally. Because it’s a possibility that Brian won’t be able to come home for a wedding, Matt decided to propose to Brittany Smith in Ecuador so that we could be a part of it. We assured him that he could pull off something epic in Ecuador especially knowing of Matt’s creativity and determination. Brittany was clueless of the pending proposal so when Matt asked her out onto the balcony right before Midnight on New Year’s Eve, she had no idea that we were busily preparing an extravaganza inside.

He shared with her 100 promises he would keep as her husband while we positioned a six member Mariachi band, gathered eight dozen long stemmed roses into three beautiful bouquets, and taped a congratulations banner on the wall. Since she was looking into the horizon, she didn’t suspect the activity on the other side of the sliding door, nor of the camera filming the entire event. Right at Midnight, when fireworks began exploding (like glittering bombs) into the Quito sky, he dropped to one knee and pulled out an exquisite ring. They both began to cry and as soon as they hugged each other, we slid the glass door open to a rousing Mariachi serenade with trumpets, guitars, singers, large hats, costumes, etc. It truly was like something you would see in a Disney love story.

To say it was overwhelming is an appropriate description, but then came the three big bouquets from Brian, Annie and then me. It was at that point that I think she saw the nearly life sized congratulations banner on the wall. Yes, you could say it was epic and most definitely a magical way to begin the New Year. We were so grateful to be a part of it and most especially to get to know Brittany.

What we most love about Brittany Smith from Newbury Park, CA is that she truly loves and appreciates Matt for his many wonderful qualities. She makes him feel so good about himself and encourages him to be his best. They are super fun and funny together and had us laughing the entire week we were together. Brittany shared her goals and dreams and they are right in line with Matt’s. We are thrilled with their engagement and excited to see where they go and what they do with their lives together. If their start is any indication, they will be big travelers and their marriage will be exciting!

They will be married in the San Diego Temple on April 11th, have a reception in Thousand Oaks that evening, and then another reception in Sandy on Saturday, April 19th. Brian is going to talk to authorities this week to plead permission to at least attend the wedding…so our fingers are crossed.

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