Sunday, May 24, 2015

President Richardson's birthday

Happy birthday Brian! Through the ups and downs, bumps and bruises, years with both tears and joys, I pause to reflect on 30 years with you and acknowledge that other than our Savior, you are my greatest inspiration, strength, comfort, refuge, light, and my very best friend in the universe. I must have done something very right to deserve the privilege of sharing my life with you. I am who I am today because of your love, encouragement, example, diligence, dedication, wisdom , constancy, faithfulness and goodness. May this final year in the mission be filled with memories to last an eternity. I love you.  Sue

Nothing like bowling 100+ for your b-day celebration
.I didn't do quite so well, but I'll blame it on the skirt!
Elders Santana and Kerby bowled strike after strike!
Elder Folsom took his bowling seriously!
Andrea takes her turn!
Elders Caballero, Folsom, Mogollon, Herrera, Kerby and Santana
We have a special birthday lunch of Chicken Broccoli with the assistants.  
Our family has the tradition of making the b-day person's favorite meal.  During dessert, each person shares what they appreciate about the b-day person.  The elders shared that they appreciated President's love and patience, as well as his constant diligence.  

Elders Kerby, Herrera and Santana
Andrea creates some amazing napkin masterpieces

Dessert were individual cheesecake cups from Cassolette.

Could it be another tie from Joseph Banks??  Yes!

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