Sunday, January 5, 2014

Family pics...

The view from the entrance of our hotel room at Club del Sol
After a VERY long drive, we are happy to sit and have something to eat, especially because it's Pescado cocado...mmmmmmmmmmm.  Delish! 

The Pina colada is not much more expensive than the bottled water!

Annie eats her favorite pepper steak

The view from the restaurant.

While President speaks at the two afternoon and evening sessions, I stay with Annie and we actually go swimming in the ocean.   It was delightful, and a fun Mom/Daughter activity!

Notice the cow in the back of the truck!

I love how they use even the unfinished upper floorsto hang clothes out to dry.

The mangoes are delicious and most plentiful!

These are the common modes of transportation in the coast!

Everything is cocada at the coast!

Choose what part of the pig you'd like to eat!

Notice how this guy sits on his motorcycle on the back of the truck!

This mango tree was heavily laden with abundant fruit!

This taxi had a scripture from John written on the back window

Look closely and see many people sitting in the back of the truck with several trees

When it's hot, no problem, you just pull up your shirt and let it all hang  out!

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