Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Sweet 16 Andrea!

The big event of our week was celebrating Andrea's sweet 16th birthday. 
Saturday, we took her to her favorite restaurant, "Crepes and Waffles" for her chosen Chicken, Broccoli and Cheese crepe and a yummy waffle for dessert!
We enjoy lunch and a b-day treat at Andrea's favorite restaurant, Crepes and Waffles
Then on Sunday the eight missionaries from the Inaquito Ward, which include the nurses and office missionaries, came over to the Mission Home and surprised her.
Cheesecake for her birthday treat!
Hermanas Garcia and Pemberton, the Richardsons, Elders Gallardo, Bahr, Dickerson, Chavez and Higgins
It's not every birthday that you get to celebrate with eight awesome missionaries.  They took a special interest in Andrea and asked her some "inspired questions," like "What will you miss the most about being here?" and "What do you want to accomplish before you return to the States?" They each shared something they admired about Andrea, which in almost every case was her beautiful smile.

Elders Ramponi and Higgins
Elders Chavez and Dickerson
Hermanas Pemberton and Garcia
The next morning, on her actual birthday, I decorated her room while she was asleep and woke her to a personalized birthday song. I actually got a smile but of her in the morning which is saying something. 
Later that day, I made arrangement for eight of the youth in our ward to come over and surprise her. They watched a movie, ate pizza and had chocolate cake and ice cream. 
Isaac and Martin, Alexandra, Adriana and Fabiana, Katie Christensen (behind), Sol and Estaffanie and Andrea
She was happy to hear from her brothers as well as her grandmother for her birthday and felt loved and remembered, so I guess you could say she had a great and memorable Sweet 16!

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