Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Great End of Summer 2015 for the Richardson family

Andrea arrived home on Wednesday night and she is slowly but surely re-adapting to life in Quito. She definitely wants to be back in the States where she had a wonderful time this summer. She shared a couple of faith promoting experiences where her prayers have been answered and clearly her faith is growing. That is a great blessing.  She is doing on-line school this year through a Utah Charter School, Mountain Heights Academy, which seems to be an awesome school, and she’s really enjoying it (her first week!!)  She and Steven enjoyed being together immensely for the few weeks they were together. Steven mentioned that he is missing Andrea and it's definitely mutual.
Andrea comes back from the U.S.

The good news for Steven is that he was able to purchase a car and has some good leads on a job. He will begin school in September at LDS Business College.  
Steven's new Forester!
Matt finished the summer as the #1 top salesman for Vivint.  To celebrate, he and Brittany are travelling to Europe in the next week prior to their move to Dallas, Texas.  They are busy and happy.
Matt finishes #1 in Summer Sales for Vivint

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