Saturday, September 28, 2013

Feliz Cumpleanos a Hermana Richardson

Feliz Cumpleanos a "mua!"  

I was royally spoiled on my birthday.  Brian took us to our favorite spot, Crepes and Waffles, with the office elders.  It truly was a treat.  Our office elders are like sons so it was like being with family.  We really missed having Matt and Steven with us physically, but they were definitely with us in our thoughts.

What made my day extra special were the 17 baptisms in two different zones, which we were able to attend.
Elders Romney, Cedeno, Saez, and Quiroa with their new converts

Hermanas Quishpe and Muir
To my surprise and delight, in both zones, the missionaries had planned a special birthday recognition for me.  In the first zone, after the 14 baptisms, the missionaries said they had a special number and for everyone to stay seated.  The 20+missionaries then went up and sang in English “Happy Birthday.”  It almost brought tears to my eyes.  They gave me a birthday cake with my name on it and all wanted to take their pictures with us.  Truly, it touched me to the core.

Elders Meriles, Granda, Quinaya, Araque, Damian, Walker, Chavez, Dearden, Rodriguez, Cantera, y Morton
Hermanas Harlos, Garcia, Ortiz, Muir, Quishpe, Palau, Chim, Cayama, y Elder Meriles

Hermanas Palau and Ortiz

We had to hurry from that baptism to get to the next baptismal service.  Again, at the end of a very sweet meeting, the missionaries in that zone asked for everyone to remain seated and again sang “Feliz Cumpleanos” to me and to our dear Hermana Bastidas, who shares my birthday.  They gave us each a shirt with all of the names of the Quito Zone, and our logo.  I, again, was moved to tears.  I don’t know how they knew it was my birthday, but I can’t begin to say how much love I felt from them. 
The Quito Zone makes cut out letters to recognize hermana Bastidas and sweet!
Hermana Bastidas, Norton and I hold up our new shirts!
September 28th birthday girls!  Hermana Bastidas and I

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